First container from Alang!

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(22.Aug.09) Update to the news: The shipment is after all still stuck in India. This isn't very surprising anymore. For some reason it is very hard to buy something from India, especially without paying someone a fee that locally means ten years of income. Defeat is however not an option!

After months of long negotiations and hurdles, a sea container has been hoisted onto a freighter in Mumbai, India. Several tons of steel and machinery from the legendary GTS FINNJET are finally coming back home to Finland. The arrival date for this first container is in September and then we'll say a little more.

These good news do not mean that there is reason to stay put. The remains of the most famous Finnish passenger vessel are vanishing at a constant pace.

RK comment: The overall situation in India is challenging.

  • According to a rumor, several items were shipped back to Finland in November of 2008. Allegedly these ended up in private hands. This could explain why some of the more famous parts can not be found.

  • If an item has been found, then the prices have been ridiculous. The manufacturer's plaque has had an asking price of 15.000USD. Where SS Hamburg, SS France and others are a bargain, GTS Finnjet seems to be constructed of titanium and gold.

  • A further challenge is that there are more buyers than the crew of FHS. Collectors from the United States are also active. We find this rather upsetting, since we feel the items should go to museums and the paperwork to the officially licensed FHS's archive.

We won't give up, that is certain. The first shipment can't fail anymore, though is delayed once again. The shipment in question contains equipment for which FHS provides documentation.

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