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A while ago we were honoured to handle a membership application, where we could spot a very familiar name. The esteemed gentleman has served on GTS Finnjet longer than any other person. The legend of Finnjet and the final Finnish Chief engineer, Mr Juhani Puonti.

As we departed on our 2009 society cruise, I had high hopes of hearing stories from the days when Finnjet was built, up to the final days of Finnish management during 2006 in the Bahamas. These wishes were met and surpassed in an amazing manner. Every evening for hours and hours, I had the privilege to hear about the machine and her people without any censorship.

On top of this, our Chief engineer gave us close to 800 photographs to work with.

A few crew members who had worked in the restaurant and hotel facilities on Finnjet complained about our website being rather technical. This is quite true. We would like to change this to contain also softer values and materials, but as you can see, we are powered by Chief engineers right now. Please do send us materials.

But at this opportunity I wish to thank Mr Puonti for his contribution to our society.

In the picture: Chief engineer Juhani Puonti (11th April, 2006)


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