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The internal society update has not been published during August. Sometimes it is good to take a break and throw in a diver to have a look at things on the other side. The analysis is complete and it is time to increase revolutions.

We have new active members and through them new successes and leads for our investigations. Every new membership application is received with delight. The vision of a handful of men keeps on growing. Finnjet won't be forgotten!

In September the chairman will get back to his more visible role and the purpose is to increase the volume of the archive yet again. I used most of August to create new contacts, for the charting of our archive and for the outline of a future book project. We also know now better what we are missing.

The twin memorials are not forgotten. The project should move to the next phase in the following days. The delay was unfortunately something we couldn't have a say in. There are already professional artists' visions of how to erect the memorials on their pedestals. The manufacturer of the components has kindly agreed to do one last service for GTS Finnjet. The placement of the memorials is spectacular. They would be placed in locations of high visibility and their surroundings are rife with Finnjet connections. Please note that this twin project is the brainchild of the chairman of FHS and has nothing to do with the clownery that has been in the media.


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