General Assembly, May 30th, 2009

General Assembly on the 30th of May in 2009

Founding Day

While rainy clouds gathered in Travemünde, the sky was dim over München and the sun was up high and proud over southern Finland, the members of FHS held their first ever general assembly. This took place online in order to give all of the members a chance to express their ideas and votes.

Here is a short summary of what took place:

  • 28 members were voted in (11 designers, builders and crew. 17 passengers.).

  • The founding day board members, vice-chairman and chairman all retained their posts.

  • Ms Pasenow was chosen as the accountant of FHS.

  • A new staff position of "Technical Advisor" was founded and Mr Haapanen was nominated to this position. Mr Haapanen also received many messages of thank you's for his dedicated work for the society.

-Mr Söderström was elevated to full member status and rights.

  • FHS will open up a bank account for day-to-day functions, donations, grants and sponsorship funds.

  • A bank vault will be selected for back-up copies of our archive.

  • A final attempt of a large-scale item recovery operation.

  • A new location was chosen as a future society field day destination.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the meeting and thank you to the secretary and inspectors for their work.

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