GTS FINNJET - Do It Yourself Carton Model Out Now - Here!

/ Risto Kempas / News

Whoever said Christmas comes only once in a year, prepare yourself, for here she comes again!

Everyone gets a big ship! You get her, our magnificent lady in steel, the one that sings with the beautiful voices of the gas turbine sisters and the diesel-electric brothers.

FHS proudly presents the fruits of our collaboration with the German model designers, creators, gods, I'm running out of words... with the wonderful guys at, the Kartonists! Based on our actual GTS FINNJET plans, this 1:250 size model is available now, for no price other than printing ink, carton and glue.

You will find the 43 page printable file and building advisory file in our documents section under GTS FINNJET - DIY Carton Model.

It is advisable to visit the website, if you are new to building ships in this manner. This is a large project.

We wish you many fun hours building your own ship. :)

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