1. The name and location of the association

The name of the association is Finnjet Historical Society ry and it is located in Helsinki.

  1. Purpose and type of function

The purpose of the association is to

  • document, record and uphold the history of the vessel named GTS FINNJET.
  • promote information gathering, research and general knowledge regarding GTS FINNJET.
  • promote co-operation between the members of the association

To attain these goals the association

  • assists and supports research and hobby activities related to GTS FINNJET
  • provides information and education
  • arranges meetings, courses, excursions and other activities
  • works in co-operation with other associations, communities and officials

To support its functions the association can

  • own fixed or non-fixed assets that are deemed necessary for the functions of the association
  • receive grants, donation or bequeathed assets
  1. Members

A person can be accepted as a full member if they approve of the association's rules and purpose and they produce or donate material for the benefit of the association.

A person or legally acknowledged entity who wishes to support the association's purpose and function can be approved as a supporting member.

Full members and support members are approved by the board of the association.

Honorary chairmen or honorary member titles can be given to individuals who have greatly promoted and supported the association's function. The proposal of said action presented by the board will be voted on at the next general assembly of the association.

  1. Member resignation or dismissal

A member has the right to resign from the association by submitting a written statement to the board or the chairman, or by announcing their intent to resign at a general assembly and it will be registered into the protocol of the assembly.

The board can dimiss a member if they have failed to pay their late membership fees, or they have failed to fullfill the obligations which they have agreed to take on by joining in the association, or if they have harmed the association internally or externally, or they do not fullfill the requirements of the law or association's rules to continue as members.

  1. Admission and membership fees

The amount of the admission and membership fee for full members and support members is decided by the annual general assembly. Honorary chairmen and honorary members are not required to pay membership fees.

  1. Board

The affairs of the association are handled by the board, which is elected at the annual general assembly. The board consists of a chairman, three other full members and two reserve members.

The board governs after the annual general assembly until the next general assembly takes place.

The board elects from within itself the vice chairman and from it's own ranks or from the outside chooses a secretary, treasurer and other needed personnel.

The board holds meetings at the invitation of the chairman, or in his or her absence, by the invitation of the vice chairman when the need arises for such an event, or if a majority of the board members require a meeting.

The board can exercise its powers when atleast half of its members, the chairman or vice chairman are present. Voting is decided by a majority vote. In the event of a draw, the chairman's vote is the deciding vote. At elections a draw is resolved with a random lottery.

  1. Writing of the association's name

The name of the association is written by the chairman, vice chairman, secretary or treasurer.

  1. Fiscal term and audit

The fiscal term is one full calendar year.

The financial statement with its required documents and the board's annual record have to be provided to the auditors atleast three weeks before the next annual general assembly. The auditors shall provide their written statement to the board atleast two weeks before the next annual general assembly.

  1. Association meetings

The annual general assembly shall be held annually at a time chosen by the board between the months of January and May.

An additional general assembly can be summoned when the association's assembly so chooses, or if the board finds reason for this action, or if one-tenth (1/10) of the full members with voting privileges provide a written request of this action to the board. The general assembly has to be held within 30 days of when the request has been presented to the board.

At general assemblies each full member, honorary chairman and honorary member have one vote. Support members have a right of attendance and a right of speech.

The decisions of the general assemblies come into effect, unless the rules otherwise specify, if the proposal has been supported by more than half of the electorate. In the event of a draw, the chairman's vote is the deciding vote and at elections a random lottery decides in the event of a draw.

  1. Summoning to the association's meetings

The board is required to send notices of the association's meetings at least seven days prior to the meeting by letter, by notification in the association's home city's newspaper or by email.

  1. Annual general assembly

The following matters are handles at the association's annual general assembly:

  1. opening of the assembly

  2. election of the assembly's chairman, secretary, two protocol inspectors and if needed, two vote counters.

  3. the assembly is found and declared legal and valid

  4. the order of proceedings of the assembly is decided

  5. the financial statement, annual record and auditor's statement is presented

  6. decision to validify the financial statement and granting of responsibility discharges for the board and others who hold responsibility

  7. validification of the operating plan, income and expense estimates and deciding of the admission and membership fees.

  8. election of the board's chairman and other members

  9. election of one or two auditors and their vice auditors

  10. handling of other issues mentioned in the assembly invitation

If a member of the association wishes to have a matter resolved by the annual general assembly, he or she has to announce it in writing and in good time to the board, so that the matter can be included into the assembly invitations.

  1. Changing of rules and dissolving of the association

The decision to change the rules of the association or to dissolve the association has to take place at a general assembly whereby a clear majority of three-quarters (3/4) of votes is required. The invitation of the general assembly has to mention the proposal to change the rules or of the dissolving of the association.

In the event of the association being dissolved, the assets and funds of the association will be handled in a manner specified at the general assembly which dissolves the association. When the association is dissolved, the assets and funds will by used towards a similar purpose.