Tallink Silja GmbH sends greetings

/ Risto Kempas / association / News

Tallink Silja GmbH has sent some very friendly first greetings to the society. While many of our members know or even own these books, now these classics of Finnjet can be found in the archives of the society. It is our intent and hope for the archive to outlast any private collection to the very end of time.

We thank Tallink Silja GmbH for supporting our efforts and we thank our member Mr Brech for being our spokesperson.

Let's see what treasures still lay hidden in Germany. While we are on this topic, I'd like to remind donors, that we not only collect beautiful photographs. We also collect old receipts, invoices, contracts, drafts, reports, offers and everything related to our ship. The main goal is to record one vessel in a high level of detail for future generations to enjoy, and to enable research and analysis of our time and magnificent ship.

Our website, a mere window to our society, shows some examples of what we record. Secret or potentially damaging documents will continue to remain classified in our archives with restricted access. If you do send us such materials, please add a writing with the materials to ensure that your wishes will be followed precisely.

I hope that you will help us in recording a very special period of history. We won't go bankrupt, so the archives will never end up in the trash, which is unfortunately something that does happen to private and public companies.

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